South Side Summer Mural League

The core of APA’s Summer Mural Series is the South Side Community. 

Murals have been proven to not only beautify cities, but to build community. 

While murals are undoubtedly a unique work, one could argue that the greater value lies in the conversations sparked, the connections made, and the relationships fostered through these large scale collaborative creations. 

Throughout Summer 2020, All People Arts (APA) will be coloring the South Side with three different murals. APA’s Summer Mural Series will have lasting effects on the community, which will be completed through community engagement and collaboration. We wish to engage residents to give all people on the South Side an opportunity for artistic and creative expression, to provide a way for folks to transform, beautify, and take pride in their neighborhood, and most importantly to build camaraderie and companionship with their neighbors. 

Stay tune to find out more about All People Arts Summer Mural Series that will feature three different murals and event opportunities for everyone to participate in family friendly public painting experiences.